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We just got back from the Christmas travelling and visiting, half the week at Anad’s parents and the other half of the week at mine. Our sister and her family were supposed to be there too but at the last minute her husband decided to go early, so they left about two hours before we got there, so we missed them, and missed the chance to give our neice her christmas present. And it can’t be posted because it’s fragile. *headdesk*

Also discovered that someone we knew from school, a guy who was a couple of years older, was killed in a car accident last week. This news I discovered by chatting with a random stranger while out walking the dog.

Aside from that, it was a nice relaxed kind of Christmas, without a lot of rushing about that we usually do. My haul included 3 Apocalyptica CDs, (well okay Russ has been wanting those for months), a fleece jacket, a giant coffee mug, two bottles of wine and some of the usual smellies. I’m actually sitting here wearing the fleece now, and cradling a cup of coffee in the mug, because this house has been empty nearly a week with the heating and hot water off and it’s EFFING FREEZING IN HERE.

But it’s not as cold as it was walking round the sea wall at St Lawrence on Boxing Day afternoon.


(picture by PaulHP – not of exactly the same place but near enough to show what it looks like).


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RIP Maddie

Maddie Blaunstein died.

As well as her anime work, she was also a campaigner for the transgender community (she was MTF), and she was a player of Second Life. Many of my SL friends knew her in SL and in RL.

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The Dreaded Lurgy

I’m supposed to have been at work today but I have the dreaded lurgy. It was effort enough dragging myself out of bed and downstairs to phone in sick, never mind actually get on a bus and go in. I’m supposed to be meeting a friend in town tonight too, but looks like that will be cancelled as well. Nasty sinus headache feels like my head wants to explode. Blergh.  Can I just go back to bed?

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