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spooky dreams

I just had to write about the dreams I had last night, which were quite spooky. Definitely nightmare material (although I’m rarely actually terrified by nightmares – just mildly nervous). As usual the dream was pretty complex, with a half-decent plot, and would make a reasonably good story (with the weird bits taken out).

In this dream I was on a sort of archaeology dig, staying in an old but not terribly large house, and “investigating”. For what, I dunno. But one thing I found was the grave of an old woman who died in 1906. For some reason (hey, maybe I was in the future?) this seemed a reasonable archaeological discovery so we dug up the coffin and opened it. The body was perfectly preserved, and wouldn’t you know it, she started to get up and walk about.

Me, I ran.

Trip forward to the next night, I hear a dog barking so I go out to look, there’s this dog barking at something up a tree, after a little investigation we find that it’s just a cat. My friend (whoever she was) rescued the cat and we went back inside to find the place had been entirely trashed. Everything was destroyed except certain notes and artifacts which we presumed were relevent to the investigation. Somehow we also knew that a poltergeist had done it.

I never discovered what we were looking for, nor resolved the issue of the walking corpse. The dream ended with me having a blazing row with my mother, and swearing I was never going to speak to her again. I have no idea why. That was actually worse than the zombie bit.

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