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feels like summer

Well it did, this morning, although it turned a bit overcast this afternoon. Day off work today so I headed off into town, initially looking for a bargain set of books a mate found (all sold out). I did, however, manage to spend my £30 of Argos vouchers that have been sitting there burning a hole in my wallet for the past 4 months. I bought myself a graphics tablet, which I’ve wanted for years and years. Not a Wacom, but it’s still pretty nifty and I’m planning to do some digital painting in the near future.

Also I seem to have acquired not one but two new blogs – I’ve received invite codes for both Inksome and Dreamwidth, (both Livejournal clones) and set up shop over there too. Not entirely sure how things will pan out but for now they’re still mostly public, and mostly the same content as here.

Also changed my template again. That last one was giving me a headache.

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