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1. Started the second set of training for the new job (for those who missed it, I’m working in a different department of the same company. More varied work, more complex, less time on the phones, no sales targets).  It went pretty well, though I intensely dislike having to get up before 7am in order to get to work by 9.  Thank god this shift is only temporary, and from next week I’ll be back on afternoons.

2. Yummy dinner: Jerk chicken. Breast fillets marinaded overnight in Jerk Sauce, which we got from our favourite Caribbean lady at the Farmer’s Market. Cooked in the oven for 45 minutes.  Served with “Rice and peas” which is actually rice and beans, with some spices. And I was going to get corn on the cob to go with it but I couldn’t get any so I got a can of corn and some cream, and made creamed corn (given a bit of a kick with some finely chopped fresh chillis). It was yummy. And somehow I managed to make enough to feed 6 so we had a lot left over.

3. Have booked some vacation time in mid July but we’ve not planned to go away anywhere, and in any case I don’t want to leave the dog in kennels again for too long. We might take a couple of short breaks or something. I’d like to go to Norfolk and tread the ancestral grounds.

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For reasons I’m not prepared to discuss in a public blog post, I’m looking for a new job. Haven’t been sacked, although if I were to speak my mind about recent changes to the pay structure, I probably would be.

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